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Arts & Culture august 23, 2012

Grow Flowers By Planting Used Pencil Stubs [Video]

Writing instrument can be planted once it's too short to use.

Sustainability december 12, 2011

Game Empowers Consumers With The Environmental Impact Of Their Decisions [Future Of Gaming]

Sprout provides consumers with the tools to visualize the power and environmental impact of their decisions.

Technology december 2, 2011

Gaming For Good: Concepts To Support The Climate Reality Group

PSFK challenged top creative agencies worldwide to come up with gaming concepts that create awareness about the Climate Reality Project. Here is a shortlist of the top submissions.

Design & Architecture june 6, 2011

Plant Lighting: The Sprout Living Lamp [Pics]

A lamp that doubles as a houseplant is a new twist on sustainable and environmentally friendly design.

Sustainability may 28, 2010

Green Cigarette Filter Sprouts Flowers

A conceptual design brings some sustainability and good to a not-so-great product.


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