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Work july 19, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Promotes Exercise-Friendly Architecture To Fight Obesity

Designers are given a chance to help promote healthy living across New York City.

Arts & Culture june 21, 2013

Eight-Wheeled Skateboard Cruises Down Steps Easily [Video]

New design aims to turn entire city into skateable surface.

Design & Architecture october 17, 2012

Play A Piano By Walking Up These Stairs [Video]

The 54 steps in Wulin Plaza, China, resemble black and white keys and play different notes when stepped on.

Cities july 11, 2011

Don’t Take The Stairs, Take The Slide

A new outdoor installation gives commuters a little jolt of happiness in the often gloomy morning ride by putting park slides on train platforms.

Technology october 12, 2009

Making it Fun to Take the Stairs Instead of the Escalator

"Can we get more people to choose the stairs by making it fun to do?" This is the question posed by a group in Stockholm, Sweden who converted the stairs of a subway exit into a giant piano.


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