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Advertising june 1, 2016

Vinyl Soundtrack Comes With Holographs Etched Right Into The Record

Walt Disney created Star Wars LP with holographic TIE Fighter that spins when played

Advertising april 22, 2016

Toy Droid Reacts When Watching Star Wars

Watch With Me feature listens for audio cues in The Force Awakens movie

Technology february 3, 2016

PSFK Pulse: Give It Up For Alphabet, Disney and Donald Trump

Kickstart your day with news from Disney, Google and WhatsApp

Arts & Culture january 5, 2016

Control a Drone Like a Jedi

You can now look much cooler while controlling your drone with an Apple Watch as your command center

Mobile december 17, 2015

Not Another Star Wars Spoiler

As the new Star Wars movie debuts in theaters, this Chrome extension makes sure you won't accidentally stumble into any unwanted information on the film

Travel december 10, 2015

Explore Hoth for the Weekend, Airbnb-Style

Stay in Boba Fett's cozy carbonite compartment, live amongst the Ewoks in a treetop hut, or kick back at Jabba the Hutt's party palace

Work may 11, 2015

Coffee Cups Designed with Stormtrooper Helmet in Mind

Designer Eszter Imre has created a collection of minimalist Star Wars-inspired porcelain cups

Retail february 20, 2015

Put Lightsaber Debates to Rest with Build-Your-Own Hasbro Toy

Star Wars Bladebuilders let kids customize their own Jedi or Sith weapon with plug-in components

Arts & Culture october 31, 2014

Plastic Galaxy Documentary Explores World Of ‘Star Wars’ Toys

A documentary dives into the creation, proliferation and collection of Kenner figurines in the 1970s from the sci-fi classic

Work october 9, 2014

Lightsaber Combat Academy Unleashes Both Jedi, Sith

A string of martial arts-like training programs offer Padawans the ultimate choice

Design & Architecture september 19, 2014

Star Wars-Themed Chocolates Take Shape of Death Star, Han Solo

Sweet Belle Cakes makes intergalactic confectionary for less than $25

Design & Architecture september 2, 2014

Tatooine Sand Watches Inspired by ‘Star Wars’ Filming Location

A Kickstarter project offers hand-built wristwatches containing sand from Tunisian film set

Design & Architecture august 29, 2014

Darth Vader, Star Wars Honored with Toasty Treatment

The head of the infamous villain from the sci-fi saga can make special scorched versions of the favorite food item

Luxury august 20, 2014

IKEA Death Star Lamp Inspired by the Empire

Exploding pendant lamp is the perfect way to make your home more sci-fi


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