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Genetics Startup Is Working To Create A Completely Personalized, DNA-Based Range Of Products

DNA data has the potential to drive brands forward to new levels of unique product personalization

Travel december 1, 2016

Marriott Hotels Launches Its Own Tech Startup Accelerator

The program is looking for companies that will enhance the travel and hospitality experience

Product Launch november 29, 2016

Startup Promises Wireless Internet For Everyone

Starry Internet, which announced its service in early 2016, aims to take on industry giants with promises of efficient set up and faster connectivity

Work november 29, 2016

Headphones Create A Personalized Noise-Cancelling Bubble Around Wearer's Head

The headphones are designed to solve the problem of ambient sounds killing productivity in the workplace

Automotive november 25, 2016

Modular Device Gives Any Car Augmented Reality Capabilities

Carrobot is a small heads-up-display that assists in driving and could make roads safer

Fashion november 22, 2016

Connected Glasses Offer Helpful Features Without Looking Like A Tech Product

A company has started a Kickstarter project for their pair of user-friendly smart eyewear

Financial Services november 21, 2016

Indiegogo's Equity Crowdfunding Lets Anyone Become A Startup Investor

The crowdfunding platform is looking to capitalize on its followers to take on a new kind of investing

Travel november 21, 2016

Fitness Startup Is Trying To Rethink The Way We Approach Social Exercise

WeTRAIN is an app that invites users to bond over their exercising experience rather than simply attending a class

Product Launch november 10, 2016

Frank + Oak Are Looking To Fund A New Startup Project

The retail company is finding a way to reach out and help entrepreneurs with great ideas

Gaming & Play november 1, 2016

Meet The Startup Behind Some Of Virtual Reality's Biggest Hits

Simplygon hopes to streamline graphics, performance and production efforts for mind-blowing experiences in the near future

[News] How Microsoft Outwitted one of Silicon Valley’s coolest startups
Technology october 21, 2016

Wearable Device And Lamp Recreate Beautiful Sunsets In Your Home

Sun Memories can record up to six hours of natural light and reproduce it via a connected light at a later date


[News] Uber connects startups to investors during POOLPITCH
[Insight] Focusing on growth, startups are under scrutiny for skimping on worker wellbeing
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