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Technology november 15, 2013

Website Generates Facebook Statuses Based On Past Posts

Application aggregates incoherent and amusing updates in your tone of voice.

Work november 15, 2012

Springwise: Update Facebook With Your Fingerprints

The Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel will soon feature technology that recognizes guests’ fingerprints and automatically updates their Facebook profiles.

Home october 10, 2011

Man Assaults Wife For Not 'Liking' His Facebook Update [Headlines]

Benito Apolinar punched his wife in the face when she didn't give his status commemorating his mother's death the thumbs-up.

august 24, 2011

The Shorter The Skirt, The Better The Economy [Headlines]

An economist from the 1920's has suggested there is a correlation between women's skirt length and the economy.

Arts & Culture june 19, 2009

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