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Technology september 20, 2016

Stella Artois Has Created A Music Video You Can Taste

An interactive website lets you alter the flavor of beer based on what you are hearing

Food may 23, 2016

Stella Artois Unveils Cinematic Branding Just For Cannes

The limited edition cans merge packaging and advertising to tell a comic strip-like story

IoT june 13, 2013

Stella Artois Ad Only Appears In Warm Weather

The drink brand launched a weather-activated ad campaign with ads appearing only during high temperatures.

Work february 26, 2013

Stella Artois Latest Campaign Highlights The Artist [Video]

The Belgian beer company's newest ad, celebrating craft debuted during the Oscars on Sunday night.

Innovation february 3, 2013

5 Top Holiday Campaigns In The Creative Sandbox Archive

PSFK picks our Top 5 favorite holiday advertising campaigns from last year.

Arts & Culture november 28, 2012

Stella Artois Lets Users Send Personalized Carolers To Their Friend's Doorstep

Belgian beer company celebrates the festive season with a clever Facebook app.

Arts & Culture july 9, 2012

Wes Anderson's Best Commercials [Headlines]

Ten of the director's most memorable advertisements, from a SoftBank spot with Brad Pitt to one with a cameo from Anderson himself.

Advertising april 11, 2012

Competitor Beer Brand Calls Stella's Chalice Campaign "Bollocks"

Close to where the Belgian beer brand is advertising, Newcastle Brown Ale seems to be running ad wondering who really would use the term for a glass.

Technology march 16, 2012

Stella Artois Shares The Secret Of How Their Iconic Chalice Is Made

This voice-activated, interactive online experience guides users on a virtual tour through the chalice factory.

Sustainability december 22, 2011

PSFK Picks: Top Five Festive Packaging Ideas

PSFK gathers the best in holiday marketing to inspire you during the season.

Advertising december 15, 2011

Stella Artois' Christmas Packaging Builds On Its Heritage

The beer brand launches a holiday campaign with a new retro box and can design that cites their origins.

Technology november 3, 2011

Beer Pouring 101: Stella Artois Teaches You How To Pour The Perfect Pint [Video]

The beer brand's '9 step pouring ritual' educates fans with a video and iPhone app.

Work july 26, 2011

Ed Cotton: Stella Artois' Retro Take Makes A Fresh Commercial

'Black Diamond', Stella Artois' new campaign, uses film, theater and the internet to unravel a mystery about love and theft.

Work march 30, 2011

Hop Aboard The Stella Artois Train [Video]

Created by Mother London, Stella Artois launched the fourth chapter of its campaign for its premium 4% lager.


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