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july 18, 2013

Bug Repellent Patch Makes Wearer Invisible To Mosquitoes

The Kite Mosquito Patch uses patent-pending compounds to block the bugs' ability to detect the CO2 that humans give off.

Technology june 18, 2013

Radar Stickers Help Track Possessions On A Phone

Stick-N-Find can be used used to find lost keys, devices, cats and even humans.

Design & Architecture march 6, 2012

Dissolvable Stickers Help Wash Your Fruit

These clever labels turn into non-harmful soap to help remove residues and dirt.

Technology february 29, 2012

Edible Sticker Lets You Know When Fruit Is Ripe Enough To Eat

A thin layer of silk and gold can detect small chemical changes in food and when scanned with your phone, will let you know if you should consume or toss.

Advertising february 1, 2012

New Mercedes Ads Can Only Be Seen By Truck Drivers

Ads placed on car rooftops ensured that only the target audience can view them.

Syndicated january 19, 2012

Springwise: QR Stickers Turn Objects Into A Virtual Facebook-Style Wall

Physical objects are instantly brought into the digital world with easily attachable and scannable codes. Users can then moderate discussions around them.


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