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Work april 3, 2014

Stop Motion Adventure Told Entirely With Rubber Bands And Thumbtacks [Video]

"A Girl Named Elastika" makes clever use of common office supplies.

Arts & Culture january 28, 2014

Stop-Motion Short Follows The Lifecycle Of A Water Droplet [Video]

Featuring a custom pop-up book, an animated video shows the journey water makes from sink to rain cloud.

Technology december 11, 2013

Short Film Shot Entirely With Google Glass [Video]

An animated stop-motion film harnesses the power of Glass’ first-person perspective for a unique viewing experience.

Mobile december 10, 2013

Life-Sized iPhone Critiques Society's Obsession [Video]

Somehow, seeing people touch real versions of iOS 6 design elements makes them seem more ridiculous.

Luxury november 25, 2013

Crowdsourced Instagrams Take Viewers On A Filtered Guide Around The World [Video]

Thomas Jullien crowdsourced photos from Instagram to create a travel-inspired film, from 852 Instagram users across the globe.

Design & Architecture september 10, 2013

Thriller Music Video Reimagined As LEGO Stop Motion [Video]

Designer recreates a Michael Jackson classic using stop-motion videography.

Innovation may 16, 2013

Stop-Motion Airplane Safety Video Makes The Rules Engaging [Video]

Tom Sachs and Van Neistat have rethought traditional on-board guides with their creation for luxury airline VistaJet.

Advertising may 3, 2013

Herman Miller's Stop-Motion Video Doubles As A Treasure Hunt

The furniture company shows how design permeates the everyday with a brand awareness contest.

Innovation may 3, 2013

IBM Makes Minuscule Film Starring Atoms [Video]

The short film, 'A Boy and His Atom', was made using thousands of these precisely placed tiny molecules.

Advertising march 7, 2013

OXO Stop-Motion Ad Turns Household Items Into Delicious Food

Oscar-nominated filmmaker PES adds his own special touch to bring pizazz to a British cupboard staple.

Technology november 28, 2012

Desktop Tool Teaches Kids Stop-Motion Animation

The Pas a Pas is a simple device with a camera that shines down onto the screen and lets children record and rearrange a series of blocks.

Work november 5, 2012

Stop-Motion Video Created Using Moleskine Notebooks

Audiovisual designer creates an unconventional animated commercial for the brand's new planner edition.

Sustainability august 30, 2012

Stop-Motion Music Video Created In Excel [Video]

YouTube user Mystery Guitar Man creates a unique animation with spreadsheets.

Luxury august 8, 2012

NASA Releases Stop-Motion Video Of Mars Rover Descent [Headlines]

Almost 300 images from the Curiousity have been turned into a stop-motion video of the land rover's landing.


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