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Stop Motion Adventure Told Entirely With Rubber Bands And Thumbtacks [Video]

Stop-Motion Short Follows The Lifecycle Of A Water Droplet [Video]

Short Film Shot Entirely With Google Glass [Video]

Life-Sized iPhone Critiques Society’s Obsession [Video]

Crowdsourced Instagrams Take Viewers On A Filtered Guide Around The World [Video]

Thriller Music Video Reimagined As LEGO Stop Motion [Video]

Stop-Motion Airplane Safety Video Makes The Rules Engaging [Video]

Herman Miller’s Stop-Motion Video Doubles As A Treasure Hunt

IBM Makes Minuscule Film Starring Atoms [Video]

OXO Stop-Motion Ad Turns Household Items Into Delicious Food

Desktop Tool Teaches Kids Stop-Motion Animation

Stop-Motion Video Created Using Moleskine Notebooks

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