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Technology november 28, 2016

Multi-Tasking Pen Charges Your Phone And Stores Files

Beyond Ink is a luxury pen that is designed to meet the needs of digitally-connected consumers

Travel november 28, 2016

Longboard Design Folds Up To Fit Into A Backpack

The BoardUp is a longboard design created to go with riders wherever they travel

Work june 28, 2016

These Voice-Controlled Wearables Make Store Employees More Efficient

The Container Store has ditched walkie-talkies and opted for a new line of devices to streamline in-store operations

Advertising january 29, 2016

A Personal Assistant for Filing Taxes on the Move

An app creates a digital archive for filing taxes using cloud storage

Home october 28, 2015

Ditch Your TV, Bike Storage Bookshelves Become the Focal Point

Designer Manuel Rossel created furniture that will make your bicycle the highlight of your room

Technology january 12, 2015

Evaporation Cooling Tent Keeps Food For The Hungry

The Wakati system helps farmers in developing nations keep harvests fresh longer

Mobile october 28, 2014

MakeSpace Digitalizes Self-Storage System

Cloud system eliminates the need to visit storage facility

Innovation december 16, 2013

PSFK's Gift Guide: Top Space Saving Presents

Help your friend maximize their space in the new year with these innovative and whimsical gift ideas.

Work november 8, 2013

Inside-Out Tower Hosts Its Closets On Its Exterior [Pics]

Outer storage compartments along Dutch building allow for a more spacious interior.

Home september 17, 2013

Herman Miller Designs Desk Organizers For The Digital Age [Pics]

Storage system designed to accommodate all aspects of your life that make it into people workspace.

Design & Architecture september 10, 2013

Soft Foam Cabinets Protect The Items Stored Within [Pics]

Flexible furniture can keep your crockery safe.

Design & Architecture july 24, 2013

Bike Shopping Cart Simplifies Grocery Trips

An environmentally-friendly DIY solution for carrying supplies back from the store.

Mobile may 17, 2013

Trackable Box Storage Does Away With The Traditional Locker

Boxbee allows users to manage their boxes using a web interface and mobile app, and retrieve them when needed.

Innovation may 15, 2013

Scientists Discover How To Keep Fruit Fresher For Longer

A catalytic converter for produce could prevent them spoiling so quickly.


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