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Work february 29, 2016

5 Steps to Building a Digital Store Consumers Will Flock To

Few have outlined how to create a strategy for digitally integrated retail stores

Cities june 26, 2014

KFC China Rebrands And Redecorates As A Homey Place To Relax

The new design gives customers something more to look forward to than just a tasty bite.

Sustainability october 24, 2013

Coffee-Less Starbucks Expands On Tea Selection

Carbonated tea and nearly infinite order combinations are a couple things to expect.

Technology september 5, 2013

Apple’s New Store Design Creates A More Welcoming Layout [Pics]

The open retail space has glass walls on three sides with a stone interior and an overhanging stainless steel roof.

Arts & Culture may 30, 2013

Shoe Store Features Walls Of Floating Footwear [Pics]

The Camper store in NYC was designed by Japanese architecture firm Nendo and features white resin product replicas decorating the walls.

Design & Architecture april 1, 2013

Abandoned Storefront Repurposed As Public Coat Check

The StadsGarderobe in the northern Dutch city of Groningen, provides a central location to store your personal items.

Technology february 19, 2013

Pop-Up Shop Made Of Cardboard Boxes Sells No Products [Pics]

The Deskontalia store in San Sebastian for the discount site has been designed to look like there are piles of boxes.

Design & Architecture july 25, 2012

Brazilian Tea Shop Pops Out Of The Wall [Pics]

The Gourmet Tea in Sao Paulo looks like a colorful wall when closed, but then opens up by popping out of the panels.

Arts & Culture january 17, 2012

Cosmetics Retailer Draws On Its History To Create Sleek Store Design

The location of Aesop's store in Soho, London, was once Henry VIII's royal park, a historical past that has been used to update the design of the outpost.

Advertising june 27, 2011

Best Buy Considers ‘Collaborative Retail’

Best Buy will reduce its retail footprint (and associated costs) by inviting other retailers to share its store space. We wonder if this collaborative retail approach will enhance the customer's retail experience - or degrade it?

Design & Architecture june 13, 2011

Air New Zealand Staff Pick Their Uniform From The Clothes Hangar [Pics]

New Zealand designers create outfitters specifically for airline staff, which provides tips on grooming, make-up and presentation.

Mobile july 29, 2009

Inside Starbucks New Stealth Store: 15th Avenue E Coffee and Tea

Last Friday, the Seattle based corporation opened their first 'stealth store' called 15th Avenue E Coffee and Tea - a cafe "inspired by Starbucks". Our PSFK spy got herself down to the store opening and snapped some of these photos.


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