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Technology november 30, 2016

Platform Lets People Train AI Programs To Write Fiction

Literai is a community that uses neural networks to automate storytelling by computers

Food november 22, 2016

Stories Wrapped Around Wine Bottles Let You Read And Sip

An Italian winery paired up with a product design agency to create wine that comes with short stories

Retail november 11, 2016

Story's "Home For The Holidays" Installation Has A Gift For Everyone

The ever-changing retailer has also partnered with Microsoft's Surface line, as well as entrepreneurial figures Sophia Amoroso and David Kidder, for a curated collection of gift bundles

News november 8, 2016

Action Button Makes It Easier To Donate To Causes You Care About

The project is a digital campaign designed to make the process of charitable giving seamless

Technology august 10, 2016

Sony's New Store Bundles Products With Curated Experiences

The experience space in Times Square features items on rotations and revolves around customer interaction

Retail june 10, 2016

In The Age of Emoji, Brands Are Advertising With Icons

Installation brings Pepsi's new campaign to life with IRL emojis

Luxury january 29, 2016

Plumped Down in a Pod, Prepare to Plug In to Unplug

Traditional mindfulness delivered by a not-so-traditional medium

Mobile november 12, 2015

A Gift Guide You Can Walk Into Is Spreading Warm Wishes to Everyone

STORY, a retail store, curates gifts for everyone on the list and supports small businesses with the support of American Express OPEN

Work october 2, 2015

A Look at When Donald Robertson Art-Bombed a Retail Concept Store

STORY's first exhibit-cum-collection centered around just one person, and offered a lesson for big companies on brand amplification

Cities june 29, 2015

A Gallery-Inspired Store Sources Tomorrow's Best Ideas, Today

In partnership with the Lexus Design Awards, STORY has curated a collection that explores future-thinking design elements from corners of the globe

Retail january 21, 2015

Yahoo Turns To Retail To Bring Journalists' Voices To Life

Curated products at the Wellness Story store have been selected by personalities like Bobbi Brown and David Pogue

Work january 19, 2015

Explore 3D-Printed Earphones and a Rotating Gallery Space in Chelsea [Retail Tour]

Spend an afternoon checking out the Future of Retail at four spirited stops in Chelsea

Innovation december 31, 2014

Best of 2014: Reimagining The Retail Floor as a Hub for Community and Entertainment [PSFK FUTURE OF RETAIL NYC]

Founder of Story discusses how her rotating retail space merges merchandising, marketing, and business development to refresh content and connect to shopper needs and interests

Design & Architecture november 12, 2014

Target Teams Up with Concept Store for Curated Holiday Shop

STORY refreshes its merchandise and store design every 4-8 weeks, and the latest theme is 'Home for the Holidays'


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