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Technology november 28, 2016

Game Teaches Children How To Empathize

Me is a new storytelling app that helps kids work out their feelings of both love and fear

Media & Publishing november 7, 2016

Amazon Reading Service Will Tell Stories To Kids Through Chat

Hundreds of original stories are on offer, told through the lens of characters messaging each other

Arts & Culture october 26, 2016

Disney Retells Beauty And The Beast On Snapchat

In a partnership with LACMA, the entertainment platform drew from over 130,000 works in the museum's collection

Entertainment october 24, 2016

Marvel Comic Tells The Story Of A Heroic Syrian Mother

Madaya Mom is the true tale of a family trapped inside a town for over a year

Arts & Culture october 12, 2016

Fake Monument Creates Fictional Fun For Tourists

The Staten Island Ferry Disaster has designed a statue and accompanying documentary

Media & Publishing august 25, 2016

CNN Launched An Entire Drone Division Of Their News Network

CNN AIR incorporates aerial footage into the corporation's ongoing news coverage

[Insight] Sport history shifts from tales of legends to statistics
[News] CNN’s new drone division hopes to enhance report production value and storytelling
Technology august 19, 2016

Artist Creates Magical Stories As A Series Of GIFs

These complicated moving images take the concept of worlds in a bottle to a whimsical level by creating fantastic pieces of art

Fitness & Sport august 16, 2016

Receive Olympic Coverage Via Live Text

The New York Times is experimenting with a new way to communicate breaking news for the Rio 2016 Games

AI july 22, 2016

A Facebook Chatbot Lets You Choose Your Own Adventure

Sequel Stories is a storytelling bot that allows people to experience narrative in an interactive and conversational format

Augmented & Virtual Reality july 1, 2016

How The NY Times Is Using Virtual Reality To Revitalize Storytelling

The publication's film and VR app won the Grand Prix Award at the Cannes Lions Festival

Technology june 27, 2016

Fans Can Explore The Star Wars Universe In Augmented Reality

A tech startup is partnering with Lucasfilm and ILM to enhance storytelling through AR

Arts & Culture june 15, 2016

A Secret Dystopian Novel Is Unfolding Across Reddit Comments

The Interface Series is grabbing the attention of thousands of readers with its mysterious posts across the social network


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