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Arts & Culture september 27, 2016

Brand Engagement At The Gates Of The World's Largest Open-Air Gallery

Tiger Beer and a neighborhood-minded nonprofit celebrate and promote New York's creative spirit by beautifying 100 security gates

Arts & Culture september 16, 2016

Self-Appointed 'Artist-In-Residence' Installs A Swing On San Francisco Subway

The project is a playful attempt to bring more joy to BART commuters

Travel august 23, 2016

Portuguese Senior Citizens Become Graffiti Masters

A workshop based in Lisbon is teaching the elderly how to create street art and letting them practice on buildings

Education june 28, 2016

Jaguar Land Rover Transforms Brazilian Children's Center Into Street Art

Local Jaguar Land Rover workers celebrate the opening of a new manufacturing plant in Brazil with bold artistic expression

Arts & Culture june 3, 2016

Artist Makes The Louvre Pyramid Disappear

An artist created an optical illusion that seemingly erased this famous pyramid

Advertising may 27, 2016

Art Takes Over Ads In Philadelphia

Subversive art placement revolts against corporate control of public spaces

Technology march 25, 2016

Become a Graffiti Drone Artist Without Touching a Can of Paint

This drone translates your doodles into street-art scribbles in real time

Work december 7, 2015

IKEA Celebrates Street Art By Projecting Posters Across Belgium

Twelve unique works from artists like Hua Tunan were commissioned by the company and projected by outdoor advertising company BEAM INC

Home december 4, 2015

Pantone Partners With Street Artists to Drive #ColorOfTheYear Awareness

Selecting two colors as their PANTONE Color of the Year for the first time, the trend company took to Instagram to show off their collaboration with artists Man One, Victor Quinonez, and Werc Alvarez

Syndicated august 13, 2015

Inside the Global Movement to Ban Billboards

First it was São Paulo and now even New York have spawned movements to replace or ban outdoor advertising. Are we entering the age of ad-free cities?

Work may 22, 2015

Street Artists and a Startup are Helping Reinvigorate a Miami Neighborhood

Touring Miami's up-and-coming Wynwood neighborhood gave PSFK a beautiful insight into a deliberately evolving district

Arts & Culture may 8, 2015

Rain-Activated Graffiti is Friendly to the Environment and Your Imagination

Rainworks is a Seattle-based group of artists that use a hydrophobic substance to paint positive street art

Work may 1, 2015

Teacher Repurposes Everyday Objects into Playful Street Art

French artist Levalet transforms the urban environment into humor-filled, life-sized installations

Syndicated march 30, 2015

Google Goes from Search Engine to Mural Conservancy

How the internet giant is helping to catalog thousands of pieces of street art before they disappear forever


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