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Work october 30, 2014

Tulane University Students Upcycle Old Signs

A new use for old signs creates shade for community, credentials for students

Luxury october 3, 2014

Enter the 'World's Most Pleasant Hospital' Courtesy of Russian Billionaire

Hospital design mimics a luxury yacht inspired by venues like Dubai's Burj Al Arab

IoT december 13, 2013

Pavilion Printed Out Of 3D Sea-Salt Blocks [Pics]

Emerging Objects has created a structure called 'Saltygloo' using locally harvested crystals from the San Francisco Bay.

Design & Architecture october 16, 2013

Paper Tube Structure Saves Forest Hut From Destruction

Shigeru Ban Architects built a tree hut on Yakushima Island in Japan that can easily be replaced if damaged by the area's harsh weather.

Technology july 16, 2013

Perforated Metal Skin Shields Office From The Sun’s Rays [Pics]

Communications company gets a futuristic makeover.

Design & Architecture may 17, 2013

Balancing Vase Automatically Tips Over When Plants Are Thirsty

New design alerts owner when it’s time to water their greenery.

Technology april 3, 2013

High-Tech Tree Houses Could Be Popping Up In City Parks [Pics]

Invisible Works designs temporary biomimicry structures that blend into their surroundings.

Work november 23, 2012

High-Rise Building Gives The Illusion That It Is Crumbling [Pics]

The impressive MahaNakhon complex in Thailand looks pixelated from afar.

Home november 2, 2012

A First Look Into Frank Gehry's New 'Biomuseum' [Pics]

Award-winning architect creates a biodiversity museum in Panama.

Design & Architecture october 31, 2012

House Incorporates A Pool So Residents Can Get Around By Swimming [Pics]

Float or swim through this architecturally stunning Spanish home.

Sustainability october 15, 2012

Abandoned Bridge In Italy Transformed Into A Futuristic Vacation Resort [Pics]

Architects envision an ancient, unused viaduct to become a green holiday spot.

Design & Architecture october 1, 2012

Nike Reveals Building Made Entirely Of Thread And Plastic Bottles [Pics]

The structure reflects the design of the the sports brand's Flyknit footwear as lightweight, sustainable, and innovative.

Arts & Culture september 14, 2012

Outdoor Pop-Up Pavilion Looks Like A Larger-Than-Life Beehive [Pics]

Student designers turn to Mother Nature to create a unique and functional structure.

Travel august 8, 2012

Abandoned Military Bunkers In Albania Converted Into Eco-Hostels [Video]

Concrete Mushrooms hopes to transform unused battle structures into inhabitable spaces.


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