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Tulane University Students Upcycle Old Signs

Enter the ‘World’s Most Pleasant Hospital’ Courtesy of Russian Billionaire

Pavilion Printed Out Of 3D Sea-Salt Blocks [Pics]

Paper Tube Structure Saves Forest Hut From Destruction

Perforated Metal Skin Shields Office From The Sun’s Rays [Pics]

Balancing Vase Automatically Tips Over When Plants Are Thirsty

High-Tech Tree Houses Could Be Popping Up In City Parks [Pics]

High-Rise Building Gives The Illusion That It Is Crumbling [Pics]

A First Look Into Frank Gehry’s New ‘Biomuseum’ [Pics]

House Incorporates A Pool So Residents Can Get Around By Swimming [Pics]

Abandoned Bridge In Italy Transformed Into A Futuristic Vacation Resort [Pics]

Nike Reveals Building Made Entirely Of Thread And Plastic Bottles [Pics]

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