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Fashion july 21, 2016

These Acrylic Nails Double As An Oyster Card

A set of false fingernails that contain a transit card microchip allow a rider to enter the tube with just a touch

Technology december 19, 2012

Cat Car Lets Owners ‘Drive’ Their Feline Friends

Created by Sam Brenner for his final ITP project, the device features a steering wheel that controls a laser pointer for kitties to follow.

Design & Architecture august 10, 2012

Angry Birds Slingshot Controller Makes The Game More Physical [Video]

'Super Angry Birds’ is a student project that pairs a tangible slingshot device with a desktop version of the popular game.

Design & Architecture march 5, 2012

Futuristic Architecture Project Creates Living Spaces Under The Ice

A student thesis proposes using robots to dig under ice in the North Pole to create new spaces for research and residence.

Mobile november 21, 2011

Fisherman's Friend App Challenges You To Stay Within 2 Meters Of Your Friends For Four Hours [Video]

The Circle of Friends game is an idea by students from the Institute of Design in Germany.

Work may 19, 2011

The Burger King Status Trader: Social Media Space For Sale [Video]

A student project comes up with a new idea for brands to use people's Facebook walls as advertising space.


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