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Travel august 3, 2016

Subscription Service Provides Travelers With Fitness Classes On The Go

Spin workout brand Peloton has launched a digital experience that lets you inexpensively take tailored workout plans with you wherever you are

Technology august 2, 2016

Subscription Service Offers Tech Support For Any Device

Techmate provides a handy button to push whenever you need help with your technology

Retail march 29, 2016

Clothing Box Teaches Kids Socially Responsible Shopping

Clothing service gives children the power to help other kids in need

Home february 12, 2016

Black is the New Pink When It Comes to Tampons

A female hygiene subscription service is changing the way we see tampons

Retail february 12, 2016

Rotating Curators Craft New Adidas Subscription Boxes

Quarterly subscription boxes paying attention to what female athletes want

Technology november 25, 2015

Drive Different Cars Each Week According to Your Travel Needs

Clutch is a monthly service that lets you rent a broad range of cars dependent at rates of $800 or $1,300 a month

Work september 18, 2015

Wine Club Sends You Glasses Instead of Bottles for a Cheaper Flight

VINEBOX delivers three glasses of the most exclusive wines in the world to your doorstep so that you don't have to buy an entire bottle

Retail august 7, 2015

Special Delivery: Your Vacuum-Sealed Grilled Cheese is Here

Cheese Posties subscription service will mail you a different grilled cheese every week, including unique recipe takes like the Chocolate Cheesecake

Arts & Culture february 27, 2015

Taste the World with a Global Spice-Subscription Service

Spice Madam sends members curated spice kits from different cultures every month

Luxury january 21, 2015

Marijuana Subscription Service Takes Cues from Luxury Brands

Birchbox, move over: Marvina is the new hot subscription service (for cannabis)

Work november 28, 2014

PSFK Gift Guide Spotlight: Carnivore Club

Cure the winter blues with curated cured meat

Technology august 1, 2013

Subscription Service Aims To Make That Time Of The Month Less Taboo [Video]

HelloFlo sends a care package in the mail each month with tampons and other menstruation-related accessories, as well as sweet treats.

Mobile may 17, 2013

Google Rolls Out New Music Streaming Service To Rival Spotify

The subscription service offers millions of songs from Universal, Sony, and Warner Music for $9.99 per month.


Hungry Globetrotter turns home cooks into masters of global cuisine
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