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Technology july 22, 2016

This All-Natural Solution Could Curb Our Sugar Addiction

With the use of a simple fungi, a Colorado-based startup has found a way to substitute sugar by creating a bitterness-blocker

Arts & Culture september 16, 2015

Lollipop Experiment Proves Soda is Only Candy in Costume

Henry Hargreaves shows shocking sugar content from popular beverages in (de) hydrate series

Home september 19, 2013

Specially-Designed 3D-Printer Creates Edible Dinnerware [Pics]

Home made printer uses sugar to create silicon moulds for these unique pieces of bone china.

Sustainability june 20, 2013

Traffic Light Food Labels Help Shoppers Make Healthier Choices

Red, amber and green labels will appear on most packaging in the UK to try to end shoppers' confusion over what to buy.

Work october 1, 2012

Sugar Could One Day Power Smartphones

Japanese scientists have found that hard carbon, obtained by heating up sucrose, is an effective anode material for sodium ion batteries.

Retail september 17, 2012

16 Stories You Need To Know Today

Disney serving alcohol in the Magic Kingdom, Americans spending most internet time on Facebook, and Google Maps track our summer vactions...Links to start your day with.

Technology july 5, 2012

Scientists 3D Print Blood Vessels Using Sugar [Video]

Researchers move a step closer to creating an artificial lab-grown organs.

Innovation may 23, 2012

Nearly 1 In 4 U.S. Teens Has Diabetes Or Prediabetes [Headlines]

In just 10 years, the number of teens with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes more than doubled, jumping from 9% in 1999-2000 to 23% in 2007-2008.

september 14, 2011

Americans Eat 42 Pounds Of Corn Syrup Annually [Headlines]

A recent study shows that the amount of sugar Americans consume far exceeds the American Heart Association's recommended amount.

Advertising may 20, 2011

Pepsi Engineering New Types Of Salt And Sugar For Their Products

The company is researching and designing new ways to make food healthier for consumers.

Sustainability october 25, 2010

Sugar Helps Odwalla Get A Little Greener

The juice brand is switching to a "PlantBottle," where at least 96% of the bottle's material will come from a combination of sugar and molasses juice.

Home february 13, 2008

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