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Palm Frond Facade Acts As Curtains For Barcelona Hotel [Pics]

Solar Magnifying Glass Could Power The Entire Planet

Traveling Orb Brings The Sun To Dark, Wintery Countries [Pics]

Perforated Metal Skin Shields Office From The Sun’s Rays [Pics]

Melting Figurines Portay The Dangers of Climate Change [Pics]

Rotating House Follows The Sun While Generating Power

UV Wristband Tells Sunbathers When to Reapply Sunscreen

Bag Purifies Water On The Go Using Sunlight [Pics]

Chandelier Mimics The Rising And Setting Of The Sun [Video]

Report For Solar Power Company Can Only Be Read Under Sunlight [Video]

Apple Plans To Power iCloud With The Sun

Haunting Alien Sounds From The Outer Atmosphere

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