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Work february 26, 2014

Solar Magnifying Glass Could Power The Entire Planet

Could this invention change the way energy is delivered on a global scale?

Technology july 24, 2013

Giant Mirrors Bring Sunlight To Previously Dark Nordic Town

The Mirror Project will illuminate the mountain town of Rjukan, using automated reflective surfaces that will shine light onto the central square year round.

Innovation may 22, 2013

Artificial Forest Converts Sunlight Into Oxygen

Scientists at Berkeley Lab harness the sun's energy for fuel.

Technology may 21, 2013

Invisible Blinds Selectively Let In Light

Japanese researchers have developed a transparent sheet that lets in less sunlight in the summer and more in the winter.

Sustainability april 12, 2013

Dan Barasch: Rethinking Public Space With The Lowline Park [PSFK 2013]

The co-founder of the new urban enclave discusses why people are fascinated by the idea of an underground park.

Technology january 23, 2013

Vibrating Steering Wheel Keeps Drivers On The Road

Haptic feedback could guide drivers blinded by bright light on the road with tactile cues.

Innovation november 30, 2012

Bus Stops Offer Light Therapy To Fight The Winter Blues

Commuters are treated to a special lighting system that helps combat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Technology november 7, 2012

Paper-Like LCD Screen Can Be Viewed In Direct Sunlight

Japan Display has showcased its new color display technology which is both vivid and easy to use in all light conditions.

Arts & Culture september 7, 2012

Panasonic Live Broadcasts Solar Eclipse Using Only Solar Power

A team in Japan attempts to film the sun from the top of Mt. Fuji using only energy generated by sunlight.

Innovation august 3, 2012

Bag Purifies Water On The Go Using Sunlight [Pics]

The Solar Bag uses UV rays to make clean drinkable H2O.

Arts & Culture july 26, 2012

Create A Window Anywhere With This Digital Blind

Creative electrical sheets light up rooms that have no natural sunlight.

Advertising february 29, 2012

Report For Solar Power Company Can Only Be Read Under Sunlight [Video]

A sun-powered report presents the yearly figures in a unique and humorous way.

Arts & Culture january 4, 2012

Easy Printing With Dyes That Develop In Sunlight

Lumi introduces new design capabilities with its light-sensitive Inkodye.

Sustainability october 4, 2011

Print Documents By Sun Tanning The Paper

A new concept printer uses solar energy to power itself and also uses sunlight to print out black and white images and content.


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