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Travel july 5, 2013

Time Travel Through Paris With Augmented Reality App

'Paris, Then and Now' is a mobile app that enables users to explore the city via historic images layered onto physical surroundings.

Technology march 28, 2013

Virtual Dressing Room Superimposes Clothes Onto Shoppers In Real-Time [Video]

Taiwanese company Vismile has created a system that aims to take the hassle out of trying on new clothes.

Technology march 18, 2013

Virtual Mask Turns Users' Face Into Someone Else In Real-Time

Yahoo Japan's 'Face Stealer' app can take the facial features of any image and overlay them onto your own.

Arts & Culture march 14, 2012

Photographer's QR Code Faces Reinterpret Our Digital World [Pics]

Kamarule's 'Facial Codes' is a series of photographs that challenge the viewer to go beyond what meets the eye.

Retail august 12, 2011

Future Of Retail: Instant Try It On

Retailers are beginning to offer electronic mirrors and displays that superimpose products such as clothing and jewelry onto the bodies of shoppers.


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