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Retail september 10, 2013

Tesco’s Supermarket Collection Rivals High-Fashion Lines [Pics]

Affordable Saint Laurent-inspired collection could rival more expensive options from the catwalk.

Retail august 28, 2013

Frozen Food Aisles Filled With The Aroma Of Baked Potatoes

Scent advertising tempts shoppers to buy french fries and other baked potato goods.

Work august 15, 2013

1-Hour Delivery Service Brings Groceries To Any Location

Time starved professionals can now get their shopping delivered same-day.

Advertising august 9, 2013

UK Supermarket Opens First Farm Shop

Waitrose supermarket chain opens farm store to showcase produce grown on its 4000-acre estate farm in South England.

Jumbo supermarket flagship by VBAT includes stations where shoppers learn to cook
Retail april 19, 2013

Supermarkets Hiring Dietitians To Help With Sales

Health professionals are the latest employees at major chains.

Technology november 23, 2012

Paper Grocery Price Labels Replaced With LCD Displays

Instead of having to print out new signs when food items go on sale or change price, ZBD Solutions offers low-power screens.

Work october 26, 2012

Tesco To Provide Microfinancing In Scotland

The UK supermarket's financial services arm and Nobel-winning Bangladehi development bank Grameen, will target the most impoverished Scottish regions from 2013 on.

Luxury september 25, 2012

Ian Jack: Will Walmart Cause The Death Of Traditional Indian Life?

The country's street sellers will almost certainly vanish once foreign supermarkets are allowed into the big cities.

Retail september 22, 2011

Seth Godin: Are Supermarkets Clueless, Evil Or Incompetent? [Headlines]

"Over time, as institutions create habits and earn subscribers, they often switch, gradually making the move from magical (worth a trip, worth a conversation) to good (there when you need it)."

Mobile july 29, 2011

SK Telecom Pilots Smart Shopping Cart

The innovative service offers shopping-related information based on indoor positioning technology.

Retail july 5, 2011

TV Ads To Play From The Shelves Of The Supermarket [Video]

Mini screens can promote products and track shopper's in-store movements.

Work september 7, 2010

Shopper Marketing: The Next Stage In Africa’s Retail Development?

This week’s obituary for Theo Albrecht, the reclusive co-founder of Germany’s hugely successful store chain Aldi, proves there’s money in retail if you get it right. His estate is valued at $16.7 billion.

Advertising june 22, 2010

Sainsbury's To Set Up "Bee Hotels" In Its Stores

The UK supermarket chain is taking major initiatives to increase the population of bees.


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