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[Insight] How chatbots and humans can handle different tasks in customer service
Mobile july 6, 2012

Mobile App Stops Broken-Hearted Lovers From Calling Their Exes [Video]

A agency creates an interesting way to get over a bad break up.

Retail march 5, 2012

Zappos Features Emerging Designers To Break Out The Next Fashion Star

New program allows upcoming talents to sell their range at the major clothing retailer.

Innovation october 4, 2011

Wall Street Protesters Have Released An Official Newspaper

Supporters for the Occupy Wall Street protest have released an official newspaper to explain their goals.

Technology september 28, 2011

Facebook's Move To Start A Political Acton Committee Raises Concerns

Facebook wishes to create a political action committee which will support political candidates that share similar values and goals as Facebook.

august 10, 2011

There's Hope For Life In Outer Space [Headlines]

SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute based in Mountainview, California, is able to continue its search for extraterrestrial intelligence thanks to donations from fans.

Sustainability august 2, 2011

Greenpeace Stirs Up A Protest On Twitter For Its 'Detox' Campaign [Headlines]

Greenpeace gathers support on Twitter to protest against sportswear giants they say are responsible for polluting China's rivers.

Technology march 24, 2011

UNICEF And BBH Address Women's Rights [Audience Favorite]

The audience favorite from the Future of Mobile Tagging concepts for UNICEF competition fuses Microsoft Tag's capabilities with the hottest trends in fashion. The i.object clothing line will raise awareness of young women's global fight against dehumanization and subjugation.

IoT january 21, 2011

Moodscope Provides Platform To Combat Depression

An online tool aims to marry the networked support possible via digitally connected existence with psychological monitoring methods to combat depression.


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