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Social Media july 22, 2016

DIY Surveillance Tool Lets You Spy On Conversations By Making Them GIFs

A new kit lets you take on the role of spy in a lighthearted and humorous way

Technology june 14, 2016

This Exhibit Uses Computerized Surveillance As Art

Zoom Pavilion tracks and monitors its attendees, then projects surveillance footage of them onto gallery walls

[Insight] Travelers may be digitally monitored overseas, says US government
How aerial surveillance has changed policing in urban areas (NYT)
Educating consumers on the surveillance threats posed by IoT (Kernel)
Work february 24, 2016

Should the Government Expect Our Trust in Apple Vs. FBI Debacle?

Apple’s battle with the FBI is not about privacy v security, but about legitimacy

Cities february 10, 2016

The Birth of the Digital Death Mask

Facial recognition tech used to produce Pussy Riot member portrait

Advertising january 6, 2016

Inventor of Pop-Up Ads: 2016 Could Be When Web Advertising Realizes We Don’t Want to Be Monitored

Everyone hates web adverts—except those people developing intrusive technology to force them on us

IoT october 23, 2014

Outdoor Light Doubles as Home Security System

The Kuna is a brilliant home security device that takes on an outdoor lantern disguise

Sustainability october 22, 2014

Chicago Will Use Sensors to Gather Data on City and its Residents

Later this fall, Windy City dwellers may start to notice -- and be noticed by -- a number of high-tech installations

Work september 24, 2014

Anti-Surveillance Device Foils Spy Gadgets, Protects Privacy

One man's crusade against high-tech voyeurism may enlist the masses with an affordable, effective device

Syndicated may 7, 2014

Data Privacy Protections To Be Extended To Non-US Citizens

The government will no longer be able to spy on people from foreign countries.

Design & Architecture january 7, 2014

Street Artist Reminds City-Dwellers Of Everyday Surveillance

The "Spanish Banksy" creates a monstrous wall of security cameras to shows people how easy it is to forget about them.

Luxury january 3, 2014

How History Created Today's Surveillance-Based Business Model

Passive data collection is the culmination of years of debate that reach back to before the Internet age.


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