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Susanne Seitinger
Cities october 13, 2013

Philips: Why The World Needs More Light

Lighting is being managed and generated in news ways as the world's population increases and requires more resources.

Advertising october 9, 2013

How Digital Innovation Is Changing How We Experience Light [Future of Light]

Digital lighting technologies like LED offer completely new uses and applications of light.

Advertising september 29, 2013

How Combining Light And Sound Can Help Reveal Local Character [Future of Light]

Engaging visual installations react to sound, highlighting unique local aspects of a place.

Cities september 22, 2013

Illuminating The Shared Connections Between People [Future of Light]

Lighting displays are being creatively deployed to evoke an emotional response.

Cities september 22, 2013

Changing Attitudes Towards Underused Cityscapes With The Flick Of A Switch [Future of Light]

Forgotten urban spaces are being reinvigorated through the deployment of creative lighting displays that promote safety and community.


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