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Mobile august 5, 2013

Base Free Lamp Seemingly Floats In Mid-Air [Pics]

The Shade lamp by Paul Cocksedge Studio for FLOS doesn’t contain an attached light source, instead receiving its glow from an LED floor fitting.

Work may 22, 2013

Suspended Boxes Transform Trees Into A Free Library

New project aims to promote free access to reading.

Home october 31, 2012

Stay In A Cocoon Tree House

This lightweight spherical structure can be assembled in less than 2 hours and features air conditioning powered by the wind and sun.

Arts & Culture september 10, 2012

Architect Challenges Design Principles With Suspended Buildings

After spending most of his life studying architecture and design history, Terunobu Fujimori began creating visions that were entirely his own at the age of 44.

Work july 11, 2012

Room Can Attach To Any Building Facade, Giving Apartment Dwellers Extra Space

The Rucksack House is a lightweight cube that attaches to a roof or building facade to provide more space and can be accessed through an existing window in the structure it is attached to.

Travel april 25, 2012

Pop-Up Hotel Rooms Let You Spend The Night In The Forest

Artistic pods allow guests to enjoy a whimsical evening hanging from trees in the woods.


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