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Biodegradable Furniture Made From Pine Needles Could Be The Next Phase Of Sustainable Living

Premiering at Dutch Design Week 2016, the collection fully utilizes an often wasted material

Design & Architecture october 21, 2016

Dubai And The Future Of Humanitarian Design

In its second year, Global Grad Show brings together 145 cracks at a more sustainable, connected and empowered way of living

Sustainability september 22, 2016

A Backpack That Is Recycled, Recyclable And Resourceful

Each recycled Fjällräven backpack uses up to 11 plastic water bottles for the low-impact threading process that makes it possible

Sustainability july 15, 2016

Fully Compostable Coffee Pods Present A Sustainable Alternative

A Canadian company hopes its biodegradable products will appeal to environmentally conscious coffee consumers

Retail june 15, 2016

Recycled Plastic Bottles Are Being Transformed Into Shoes And Bags

Timberland's partnership with Thread International creates environmentally sustainable textiles and jobs for workers in the developing world

Home june 10, 2016

This Little Box Will Cool You Down For Less Than One Cent Per Day

An eco-friendly box uses a frozen core and rechargeable batteries to fan you down

Retail may 24, 2016

Would You Buy Your Meat From A Vending Machine?

A butcher is testing out sustainable cuts of meats in an automated vending machine

Retail may 9, 2016

IKEA Turns Its Sights On Sustainable Products

IKEA is focusing on developing a wider line of environmentally-friendly offerings

Work february 18, 2016

A Recycling Container That's Friendly to the Eye and Planet

100% recycled plastic bin is designed to maximize space and efficient disposal

Sustainability december 2, 2015

Wooden Version of The Empire State Building Could Be The First Sustainable Skyscraper

Metsä Wood and Michael Green are teaming up to promote more sustainable construction that would pull us from a reliance on concrete and steel

Arts & Culture november 9, 2015

The World’s Oldest, Most Sustainable Alcoholic Beverage You’ve Never Heard Of

There's a buzz in Portland, Maine surrounding mead, a beverage with medieval fame

Travel september 17, 2015

Self-Sustaining Islands, the Future of Farming?

As nautical ways of living catch on, triple decker farms might start supplying a region near you

Home july 27, 2015

The Lunch Sack Gets Oversized as a Paper Bag Backpack

The PaperJohn allows shoppers to be hands-free when carrying and transporting paper bags after shopping

Technology july 8, 2015

Developing Nations Turn to Salt Water Lamp for Power

With ability to supply eight hours of electricity from 1,000 grams of ocean water, the SALt Lamp is a safe and sustainable way to illuminate nights


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