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Design & Architecture april 1, 2016

Plant-Based Biodegradable Water Bottle Fights Plastic Waste

How can we make bottles more sustainable and less impactful on the environment?

Arts & Culture january 29, 2015

The World’s First Commercially Available Bioplastic Chair is Biodegradable

Although it may sound like a type of sushi, Kuskoa Bi is actually the world's first 100% bioplastic chair, now available

Sustainability may 14, 2014

World’s First Electric Wooden Bike Debuts At NYCxDesign

Mixing innovation and sustainability, a Dutch bicycle company aims to entice people away from driving cars.

Home april 29, 2014

Pop-Up Cabin Can Be Installed Anywhere For An Impromptu Getaway [Video]

Prefabricated sustainable holiday home is developed by In-tenta design studio.

Sustainability april 10, 2014

Mushroom Lamp Fertilizes Your Lawn After You’ve Tired Of Its Design

Attractive home furniture made from fungus and agricultural waste.

Mobile january 28, 2014

Mini Mobile Home Offers Millennials A New American Dream [Pics]

OTIS is a 70-square-foot mobile home that can be towed behind regular cars, letting people follow a more nomadic, sustainable lifestyle.

Arts & Culture october 7, 2013

Event Invitation Doubles As Fish Food

Visitors to Nuvali, an eco-community located in the Philippines, were encouraged to feed the resident koi fish with their event invitation, which was composed of fish-friendly food and edible ink.

Technology august 20, 2013

Ethically-Aware Ecommerce Site Helps Shoppers Keep A Clear Conscience

Launching next week, Zady will carry over 30 labels and uses icons to indicate whether something is locally sourced, handmade, eco-friendly, and more.

Innovation june 10, 2013

Reclaimed Shipping Container Produces Sustainable Fish

Visionary Londoners prototype a new way for urban communities to localize the production of fresh, sustainable food.

Design & Architecture may 3, 2013

Vivienne Westwood Designs Sustainable Flight Attendent Uniforms [Video]

New line for Virgin Atlantic will will be made from plastic bottles with Closed Loop Recycling in mind.

Old Domino Sugar Refinery to Be Reborn as Daring LEGO-Like Neighborhood
Cities march 14, 2013

Flood-Proof Buildings Replace Lifeguard Stands After Hurricane Sandy

Garrison Architects' flood-resistant, modular structures will be installed along the beaches of Coney Island, Staten Island, and Rockaway Beach.

Sustainability february 4, 2013

Biodegradable Stools Naturally Deteriorate Back Into The Earth

Artist Adital Ela makes 'Terra' stools out of materials gathered from construction waste and the natural environment.

Cities january 24, 2013

Traveling Shipping Container Hotel Requires GPS To Locate Rooms

The Sleeping Around hotel refreshes the pop-up experience with its concept of an adventurous, moving caravan.


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