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Work march 1, 2016

In a Multifaceted World, Brands Should Welcome Hybridity

SVA alum May Shek on the payoff behind cross-sectorial collaboration and thinking

Design & Architecture february 8, 2016

Understanding Human Truths and Perceptions Are At the Core of Branding

SVA alum Jui Khopkar on designing a better world

Innovation january 18, 2016

What Brand Strategists Stand to Learn From Carl Sagan and Scientific Thinking

SVA Alum and Associate Strategist Graham McMullin on how branding requires a similar balance of curiosity and empathy that science has come to depend on

Work january 14, 2016

From Literacy Tools to Office Welcome Mats, Brand Essences Begin With the Right Question

SVA alum and Co-Founder of Quill, Thomas Calabrese, on understanding branding through a blend of meaning, reverence and individuation

Retail january 11, 2016

Denimheads Get Their Upkeep Altar

A kit and stand meant for the serious denim shopper

IoT november 30, 2015

By Satisfying Paradoxical Truths, Brands Can Be Immortal

SVA alum and trends analyst Maxine Gurevich on trends vs. fads, Yves Saint Laurent’s name shortening, and why nothing sells itself anymore

Mobile november 11, 2015

In Age of Micro-Moments, How Strategists Must Constantly Exercise the Muscle of Strategy

SVA Alum and Strategic Designer Gena Cuba on how freelancers can help brands reach the golden standard of “authenticity”

Sustainability december 8, 2014

Building Brand Loyalty in the Digital Age

An SVA Branding alumnus believes a meaningful brand experience can’t be reliant on messaging or image alone

Partner Content november 12, 2014

There’s No One Surefire Branding Strategy, But You Should Always Make People Care

SVA Branding alumnus stresses the importance of developing your own style and POV to excel both personally and professionally

IoT november 3, 2014

Questioning Everything and Relating to Users are Key Branding Strategies

A former SVA Branding alumnus spills guidance, insight and tactics for successful branding in today’s culture

Technology may 26, 2014

SVA Students Created An Analog Social Network Inside WantedDesign

Exhibition visitors could send out a message via letterpress, refrigerator magnets, or marker board.

Arts & Culture february 24, 2014

Tiny Signs Lend A Voice To New York’s Lost Objects [Pics]

Yoonjin Lee's adorable and funny project addresses the banal items we see on city streets.

Technology february 12, 2014

Why Creating Brand Strategy Is All About Problem Solving

PSFK, in partnership with SVA chat with program alumnus Sean Lopano about how great branding strategy relies on focus, context, and building creative solutions.

Work december 4, 2013

Why Brand Honesty Is The Key To Brand Strength

SVA branding alumnus shares why viewing your brand truthfully and holistically is important.


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