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Design & Architecture july 27, 2016

Volvo Design Manager Discusses Swedish Design Influence On The Brand

The S90 represents a new chapter that merges culture with style

Work december 30, 2013

Lufthansa Invites Swedes To Change Their Names

The airline offered Swedes a chance at a new life in Berlin – but at the price of their names.

Technology july 16, 2013

Tweet-Streaming Dress Helps Activists’ Voices Get Heard [Video]

Techy dress grabs Swedish politician’s attention by giving youth a mouthpiece.

Retail may 31, 2013

Guide Helps Ikea Customers Pronounce Swedish Product Names

'Ikea In Swedish' is a website that offers audio recordings of popular items names from the store.

Technology june 12, 2012

Flirting Crooner Turns Bizarre IKEA Product Names Into Love Song [Headlines]

A tongue-in-cheek homage to young love and affordable furniture goes viral.

Design & Architecture august 3, 2011

Ikea’s Best Living Rooms For 2012 [Headlines]

Freshome highlights the best living room ideas from the IKEA catalog for 2012.

Technology june 7, 2011

Printbrush: The World’s First Handheld Printer With A Built-In Camera [Video]

A Swedish engineer presents the first handheld printer that lets you print your own photos on any surface.

Home september 27, 2010

(Pics) IKEA Cookbook Serves Up Homemade Food Styling

Visual recipes are featured in this unique look at cooking.

Advertising july 1, 2010

Brick Walls Used For Morse Code Messaging

A Swedish artist uses the urban environment as an off-beat communication medium.


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