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Technology august 10, 2016

Wearable Sunscreen Dispenser Provides On-The-Go Protection

Stay protected for hours at a time by keeping handy capsules on your wrist

Automotive august 9, 2016

How BMW’s Tracking Software Is Helping The US Olympic Swimming Team

First used on cars, the technology is coaching swimmers to the perfect thrust technique

Home december 29, 2014

Best of 2014: Anti-Shark Wetsuit Protects Divers, Surfers Using Repelling Technology

Protective design by surf entrepreneurs Hamish Jolly and Craig Anderson, hides swimmers and stops attacks

Advertising august 29, 2014

Beer Company Serves Up Its Own Twist on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Czech brew brand Two Tales completes the feat by swimming through some of the world's coldest waters

Arts & Culture june 5, 2013

MP3 Goggles Let Swimmers Listen To Music In The Pool

Using bone conduction technology the Finis Neptune is safe to use in water.

IoT may 8, 2013

Google Glass For Swimmers

Swimming joins the list of sports that can use hard data to track athletes progress over time.

Work october 17, 2012

Will Swimming Be The New Eco-Friendly Way To Commute To Work?

The LidoLine is a proposal in London to use the canals for commuting, rethinking the existing areas to make them function more efficiently for the city.

Innovation july 31, 2012

The Siblings That Are Competing For Olympic Gold [Pics]

What would it be like to compete against your own brother or sister in an medal event?

Work july 31, 2012

New Olympic Swimwear Design Gives Swimmers A Large (But Legal) Advantage

Speedo's new professional swim suit design is comprised of three components that work with one another to improve performance.

Innovation july 30, 2012

Olympian Michael Phelps Sleeps In High-Tech Compression Pajamas

Under Armour introduces performance enhancing gear for sleepers that helps with muscle recovery.

Syndicated december 13, 2011

Springwise: Wristband Lets Swimmers Monitor Their Progress And Share Online

A new smart device allows your personal data to create a feedback loop that helps athletes improve their performance, keep track of their fitness and allow others to view their achievement.

Design & Architecture january 3, 2011

New Training Tool Claims To Dramatically Improve The Performance Of Swimmers

The Corsuit helps swimmers improve their strength and stability.

Cities july 23, 2010

+ Pool: The Future Of Water Recreation In New York City

A new conceptual project is meant to improve and take advantage of the natural resources that exist throughout the city.

Advertising may 26, 2010

Australian Non-Profit Matches Fitness Programs With A Good Cause

The Can Too organization combines fitness and charity.


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