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Technology june 19, 2013

AR Glasses Show Teachers Which Students Need Help In Class [Video]

The Augmented Lecture Feedback System enables kids to communicate privately with teachers without interrupting the lesson.

Work december 12, 2012

Secret Code Website Reveals Trailer For Next Superman Film

The Deep Space Radio Wave Project, which featured a series of symbols to be decoded, led to a website with the latest trailer for 'Man of Steel.'

Innovation september 7, 2011

Co-Created Iconography Helps Depict Complex Notions Within Urban Communities

Iconathons - organized by a collaboration between Code for America and The Noun Project - invite graphic designers, public issue experts and civically-minded individuals to jointly develop symbols that clearly communicate civic issues.

Technology december 9, 2010

The Noun Project

A celebration of the world's visual language could ultimately offer an interesting experiment in cultural anthropology.

Advertising november 15, 2010

Can Literal Metaphors Help Create World Peace?

Stanford University professor Robert Sapolsky explores the possibilities of social influence by exploiting the simple fact that multi-tasking regions of the brain processing both the physical and the symbolic easily confuse the two.


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