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Technology june 4, 2012

Rotating Indoor Garden Inspired By A NASA Design

The indoor garden conserves energy and space while providing a large output.

Advertising june 1, 2012

Virgin Launches A New Line Of Water Purifiers

Richard Branson sees a potential market in the U.K. for filtration systems.

Design & Architecture may 22, 2012

Major Metropolitan Subway Systems Start To Take The Same Shape [Headlines]

French scientists find that the world's underground transportation systems have, surprisingly, nearly identical structures.

Mobile may 8, 2012

Login To Tablets With A Palm Scan

A biometric device small enough to be implemented into mobile phones has been developed.

Luxury april 5, 2012

Ride Like a Pro-Cyclist With Shimano’s Electronic Gear Shifts [Pics]

The Alfine Di2 is equipped with an advanced system usually found on professional road bikes.

Technology april 3, 2012

Interactive Poster Gives You A Kiss When You Come Close

Posters may soon give you a playful kiss when you get close to them, thanks to innovations from a student research group from Japan's Keio University.

Work february 2, 2012

Control Office Lights Wirelessly With A iPhone Or iPad [Video]

LED lighting system equipped with Wi-Fi can reduce energy consumption by half.

Mobile january 10, 2012

Never Lose Your Keys Again With Handy RFID iPhone Case

BiKN can track any object within a short range using your smartphone and radio frequency identification tags.

Advertising january 9, 2012

Mobile Printer Plugs Into Your Phone And Prints Your Texts

A furniture and product designer's portable device can connect to a mobile phone to print out your text conversations of any length or format.

Retail november 7, 2011

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we've learned about this past week.

Luxury november 4, 2011

How To Turn Your iPad Into A Professional-Grade Guitar

The makers of the iconic Ztar plans to turn the iPad into a fully functional musical instrument.

Technology september 14, 2011

New Technology Reveals When You’re Lying Without You Even Knowing

A new wire-free software can analyse subtle facial cues to analyze if a subject is lying.

Mobile august 23, 2011

Apple’s iOS 5 For Japan To Come With Earthquake Alert Feature [Headlines]

Apple knows how to cater to its market. The iOS5 for Japan, one of the most earth-quake-prone countries in the world, is to come with an early earthquake warning feature.

IoT august 22, 2011

Fancy Car Alarm Systems With Remote Accessibility Give Way To Hackers [Headlines]

Hackers can send text messages to your car's anti-theft system, allowing them to unlock doors and start the engine.


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