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[Inspiration] Table design doubles as book and baby holder
Work august 11, 2013

Bookcase Hides Away Dining Room Furniture [Future Of Home Living]

As If From Nowhere is an independently functioning bookcase that houses four chairs and a table.

Design & Architecture august 8, 2013

Jukebox Bar Tables Play Neighborhood-Specific Tunes [Video]

A new piece of pub furniture is both functional and entertaining.

Luxury july 18, 2013

Mechanized Twisting Dining Table Expands To Double Its Size

Nineteenth century geometric design used to create this luxury piece of furniture.

Innovation may 10, 2013

Bicycle Picnic Kit Promises Dirt-Free Dates [Pics]

Springtime is a prototype design that fits on the back of a bike and contains storage compartments that double as a portable table and seating.

Heat Sensitive Table Shows Imprints of User
Minimal Waste +Table by Fraaiheid, CNC Milled Plywood
Technology january 30, 2013

Chainsaw Robot Carves Furniture Out Of A Wooden Log

The robotic arm from designers Tibor Weissmahr and Tom Pawlofsky was programmed to create stools using a single piece of wood.

Retail january 8, 2013

London Restaurant Features Interactive Tables

Asian fusion resto, Inamo, changes the dining dynamic with a new way to order and keep patron's entertained.

Technology january 4, 2013

Touchscreen Tables Could Replace Printed Menus In Restaurants

Korean company integrates interactive technology into cafe furniture.

Work december 12, 2012

Geometric Dining Table Adds Functional Art To The Home

London designer AndViceVersa hand welds function and form with their table and chairs set.

Arts & Culture november 1, 2012

Multifunctional Table Designed For Students To Work & Nap [Pics]

The Zevaka makes sleeping at your desk much more comfortable and convenient.

Innovation october 31, 2012

Interactive Table Lets Users Laser Cut Without Leaving Their Desks

Instead of using a CAD system and then a laser cutter to create a design, the Constructable interactive drafting table combines the two.

Design & Architecture october 1, 2012

Magnetic Wooden Table Snaps Together In Different Configurations

‘Multiple’ is made of multiple beech poles, which attach together magnetically, meaning the table can be pulled apart and then put back together in different combinations.


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