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Technology february 21, 2012

American iPad Owners Are Older And Richer Than Other Tablet Owners [Headlines]

A new study suggests that users in the United States are in a different demographic than other device users.

Gaming & Play january 10, 2012

Tabletop Touchscreen Lets Diners Order, Pay & Play

Ziosk can be used to pay at the table, order desserts, take surveys, watch movie trailers, play games, and more.

Design & Architecture february 24, 2011

Using Common Objects To Interact With Computers

The TED Fellow and interactive designer James Patten explores newer ways to control and represent data.

Arts & Culture june 17, 2010

Light & Shadow: Tabletop Augmented Reality

An augmented reality experiment explores an ecosystem consisting of imaginary objects and living beings.

Work june 11, 2009

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