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Culture september 20, 2016

Tablets Are Being Used To Improve Access To Education In Prisons

Edovo provides inmates with educational tools to help prepare for their reintegration into society

Culture june 2, 2016

Tablet Software Helps Campaign Volunteers Better Canvass Neighborhoods

Polis gives campaign HQs real time analytics while assisting volunteers in the field

Design april 7, 2016

Moleskine Paper Tablet Digitizes Hand-Written Notes

Designing an analog notebook for the digital age

Advertising january 7, 2016

Projection Parties at the Unfolding of a Streetwear Jacket

A clever design transforms an eye-catching jacket into a projection screen

Advertising december 11, 2014

What You Need to Know About the Jolla Crowdfunded Tablet

Serious specs and features voted for by the tablet's community

Culture july 9, 2014

Can Dual Purpose Design Transform How We Learn?

Educators are taking advantage of new tools inherently designed to be low cost and multi-functional, allowing for safer, smarter learning experiences.

Design july 3, 2014

Dual Purpose Designs Baking Sustainability Into Product Packaging

Transformative designs are bringing cost-saving, sustainable solutions to the world of packaging.

Advertising june 30, 2014

How Tablets Are Putting Healthcare Power In Patients’ Hands

Tablets are empowering patients with the tools and information they need to experience healthcare on their own terms.

Cities june 27, 2014

Are Tablets Better Travel Companions Than People?

Tablets are becoming a must-have tool for seasoned travelers and weekend warriors alike, supporting them at various points during their trip.

Culture june 26, 2014

How Tablets Can Enrich And Inspire Creativity

A new set of applications are turning touch devices into a mobile suite of creative tools that empowers artists.

Cities june 26, 2014

The Future Of Furniture Is Supercharged For Tech

Designers are experimenting with the capability for their designs to power our devices.

Advertising june 9, 2014

The Unexpected Ways That Tablets Are Enriching Learning Experiences

Mobile devices are playing a pivotal role in learning by giving teachers and students access to highly engaging and interactive materials.

Culture may 27, 2014

9 Stories You Need to Know Today

Time Inc. to sell ads on covers, Glasgow School of Art destroyed in fire and tablets continue to creep on PC sales.

Gaming january 9, 2014

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Makerbot vs. iTunes, the Google catamaran, and more.


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