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All-In-One Tableware Set Takes Design Cues From Nesting Dolls

Mind Your Health, Weight Loss with Portion Control Plate

$50 for a Coffee Set and Miniature Koi Pond

Diesel Living Tableware Takes Shape of Hardware, Tools and Machinery

Redesigned Flatware Makes It Easier For Patients With Nerve Disorders To Eat

Playful Plates Create The Illusion Of Larger Snacks [Pics]

Unbalanced Tableware Tilts Back And Forth To Encourage Sharing [Pics]

Biodegradable Utensils Look And Feel Like Fruits And Vegetables [Pics]

PSFK Gift Of The Day: Tableware Made Of Recycled Coca-Cola Bottles

Sense-Stimulating Cutlery

Marimekko Gives Bright Makeover To Finnish Airline [Pics]

Melt Wax To Instantly Mold Fast And Easy Dishes And Cups [Pics]

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