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Technology december 3, 2014

Tingle Brings Back Acoustic Touch to Digital Music Controller

The pin-board toy has been converted, letting users create with whatever they put underneath it by translating into musical sound

Work january 15, 2014

3D-Printing Enables The Blind To Experience Outer Space Through Touch

Scientists have converted 2D Hubble space images into tactile models, allowing the blind to feel the stars with their hands.

Technology september 6, 2013

Remote Control Harness Lets Owners Control Their Dogs From Afar

Virtual commands sent through could improve the safety of K9 units exposed to dangerous situations.

Mobile july 25, 2013

Air Pressure Device Turns Gaming Action Into Real World Feelings [Video]

Disney researchers have 3D-printed a futuristic experience where currents of oxygen help users feel on their skin what they see in front of them.

Work february 3, 2013

What Are The Tools To Create Seamless Global Teamwork? [Future Of Work]

PSFK chats with Industrial Color, the creators of LightTable and GLOBALedit, about working seamlessly with digital technology.

Sustainability november 8, 2012

Weather Vane Lets Users Feel How Cold It Is

The Cryoscope is a tactile device that conveys how warm it is in different locations on the surface of an aluminum cube.

Innovation february 25, 2011

Tactile Timepiece For The Blind

A new watch hopes to bring aesthetic and functional design to an underserved market.

Arts & Culture february 10, 2011

Plinthos: A Multisensory Interactive Brick Structure [Pics]

Mab Architect's clay structure combines ancient design with new audio and visual technologies.

Gaming & Play january 6, 2011

A Tactile iPad Game Controller

Fling is a new device that promises to give more control to tablet users.

march 18, 2010

Scanner Translates Images Into Three-Dimensional Tactile Structures

Readot is a concept device that translates two-dimensional digital images into three-dimensional representations for use by the visually impaired.

Technology october 13, 2009

(Video) 3D Touch-Based Display

A new display technology lets users touch and interact with a tactile virtual object.


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