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Sustainability september 16, 2016

Stylish Composting Suitable For Apartment Dwellers

A compact ecosystem breaks down more than 2 pounds of raw waste per week, efficiently and odorlessly

Mobile february 16, 2016

IKEA Table Challenges Diners to Enjoy a Meal Without Phones

The retailer asked groups to give up their phones in exchange for a hot pot meal

Technology january 5, 2016

Control a Drone Like a Jedi

You can now look much cooler while controlling your drone with an Apple Watch as your command center

Travel january 1, 2016

Smart Cities are Beginning to Adopt Electric Scooters as the Future of Transport

As cities expand and demand for electric scooters and vehicles grows, Gogoro is trying to bring a new urban energy infrastructure to market

Design & Architecture july 29, 2014

Industrial Rings Inspired by Factory Aesthetic

Drilling Lab's bizarre jewelry is worth more than the sum of its parts

Innovation january 3, 2014

Body Maps Show Where Emotions Hit Hardest

Finnish researchers have developed a body map of human emotions that is universal across cultures.

Work october 2, 2013

Writer Quits Via Viral Video To Protest Media’s Focus On Analytics [Video]

Employee hands in her resignation with a YouTube video that has attracted over 7 million views.

Work september 25, 2013

Notebook Has Carved Out Space For Constant Phone Access [Pics]

Keep working on your latest project even in the middle of a meeting.

Home august 1, 2013

A Living Room Built With Feline Companions In Mind [Pics]

Created by design firm Hey!Cheese, the I-CHI Cat House is an interior designed with built-in features for pets.

Advertising june 19, 2013

Coffee Machine Prints Customers' Faces On Lattes

This Taiwanese cafe brings you the latest innovation in foam art.

Design & Architecture june 11, 2013

Plug Turns iPhone Into LEGO Brick [Pics]

Create smartphone accessories and toys with this LEGO adapter.

Technology march 28, 2013

Virtual Dressing Room Superimposes Clothes Onto Shoppers In Real-Time [Video]

Taiwanese company Vismile has created a system that aims to take the hassle out of trying on new clothes.

Work december 17, 2012

Delicate-Looking Clothing Made Of Wood [Pics]

Taiwanese artist Mary Leu's precise wood carvings take on the appearance of cotton, terry, and wool.

Cities december 5, 2012

Taiwan Hotel Features Batman Room [Pics]

Re-live some of your favorite childhood memories in a posh hotel room straight out of a comic book.


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