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Technology september 16, 2015

Designing a Tamagotchi-Inspired App for the Apple Watch

TANK & BEAR developed a virtual health Apple Watch app that will fill your nostalgic digital pet void

Work june 27, 2014

Pedometer Feeds Virtual Pet With Every Step

The Wokamon is a new take on the Tamagotchi that turns workouts into food, energy and happiness for pet aliens.

Mobile february 15, 2013

Tamagotchi Makes A Comeback As A Mobile App

The popular 90s game returns to smartphones.

Sustainability october 23, 2012

Tamagotchi-Type Pet Teaches Kids How To Make Sourdough Bread

A research team are developing a toy that is meant to be cared for and nurtured to cultivate yeast in order to produce homemade bread and teach kids about sustainability.

Cities april 28, 2012

Cities' Tamagotchi Trees Would Game The Urban Environment

Massive real-world multi-player experience aims to bring climate change back into the public's conversation.

Design & Architecture march 3, 2011

A Piggy Bank For The Digital Generation

This concept device is a curious hybrid of tamagotchi meets rainy day saving scheme, and is driven by an even more curious back end of hardware.

Technology july 30, 2010

Tardigotchi: A Real And Virtual Pet In One

A hybrid that merges biological and artificial life into a single entity.


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