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How Snapchat works as an attention-appropriate tool in the classroom (NPR)
Work march 1, 2013

Teachers Calculate Grades In Minutes With Their Phones

A forthcoming concept by three educators may change the way teachers gather test scores to make the process more efficient.

Cities january 25, 2013

SimCity Introduces Educational, Classroom Version

Electronic Arts has announced SimCityEDU, which will enable teachers to design lesson plans around gameplay.

Retail october 16, 2012

Steve Poppe: The Educational Technology Conundrum

Implementing interactive devices and platforms in classrooms will change the way we teach students and allow us to focus on individuals.

Technology october 5, 2012

Skype And NASA Host Online Lessons For Kids

The online communications company has partnered with teachers and educational organizations to provide online resources for students' classes.

Work september 6, 2012

Startup Hopes to Power the Next-Generation of Educational Apps

Clever deploys educational APIs for developers to create useful software for the education industry.

Sustainability january 13, 2012

Wi-Fi Plug Creates Interactive Cloud-Based Classroom Anytime, Anywhere

The SMILE Plug will allow students and teachers to engage and collaborate on multiple devices.

december 12, 2011

A New Social Network To Transform Education [Headlines]

LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman and former Facebook executive Matt Cohler have put $15 million towards the new platform Edmodo.

Gaming & Play december 8, 2011

Fostering A Love For Learning Through Game Mechanics [Future Of Gaming]

PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the founder of DimensionU, an interactive online gaming platform and learning resource intended to help students in grades K-12 hone their math and literacy skills.

Sustainability august 10, 2011

Students Post On Wikipedia For Class Projects

Teachers are embracing Wikipedia as a writing and research tool used for class projects.

Design & Architecture june 14, 2011

Dyson To Retrain Design & Technology Public School Teachers [Headlines]

"I want to stimulate, inform and inspire DT teachers, who will go on to enthuse others."

Technology april 25, 2011

Students Are Not Your Facebook Friends, Teachers Warned [Headlines]

Warning comes amid concerns over blurring of boundaries between school staff's professional and private lives.

Home april 12, 2011

Khan Academy Asks Students To Be Their Own Greatest Teachers [Video]

An entrepreneur is asking whether students should take classes at home, and do their homework at school.

Innovation june 17, 2010

Monocolumn: Education Hits The Rocks

In July, Hamburg citizens will decide whether to abolish what are known in Germany as Hauptschule. These are the standard, open-to-all schools that children of no special ability attend for the final five or six years of their education.


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