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Design february 25, 2016

Obsession Drives the Made-To-Order Elegance of These Headphones

Custom-fit technology can be a beautiful thing

Culture february 16, 2016

Making Home Automation Smooth Like Silk

A digital brain for the home might reveal just how unintelligent our smart home devices really are

Advertising february 5, 2016

Super Bowl 2020: Future Fandom Gets Teched Out

Mixed realities, snack drones and ads in your face at Super Bowl 54

Mobile february 2, 2016

Purchase Your Next Cellphone Plan From a Robot

A team of robots will staff a telecommunications store in Tokyo this spring

Mobile january 22, 2016

Trend Watch: Veiled Communication

The apps paving way for more discreet mobile messaging

Advertising january 7, 2016

Obama Hopes Radio-Frequency and Ballistics Identification Can Help Stop Gun Violence

A memo from the White House directs these depts. to research gun safety tech

Technology august 27, 2015

Head Rotations and Facial Expressions Control a Hands-Free PC

Kinesic Mouse brings back the power to control a computer to those without the use of their hands

Design april 13, 2015

Intuitive Bible App Should Be in Drawer of Every Hotel Room

NeuBible marries distraction-free design with soul-liberating intentions

Cities march 4, 2015

Send A Text, Get Anything (Legal) On Demand

The SMS service upholds the age-old adage, "if you text it, it will come"

Advertising march 4, 2015

Phone Lockscreen Becomes Important Fundraising Tool for Cash-Strapped Charity

NGO sees your home screen as valuable advertising space in exchange for nothing more than your battery life

Design february 19, 2015

Customizable Wearable for Kids Combats Childhood Obesity

Miiya aims to increase activity amongst the youth generation via wearable gamification

Design february 18, 2015

Mini 3D-Printed Cars Offer Real-World Videogame Play

3DRacers bring the magic of 3D printing onto teeny, tiny functional racetracks

Culture february 16, 2015

Start and Stop Your Spotify Playlist with Wearable Button Press

The Misfit Flash's button will allow users to control a range of functionalities, enabled by a series of partnerships

Design february 16, 2015

Bring Death to Dead Wi-Fi Spaces with 60-Second Setup

A start-up brings a product to market that will get rid of those annoying corners where Wi-Fi can't seem to penetrate


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