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Innovation july 30, 2013

Tooth-Embedded Sensor Relays Eating Habits To The Dentist

A data-collecting device that can tell the difference between eating, speaking, smoking and drinking.

Technology october 10, 2012

Digital Toothbrush Keeps Track Of How Often Users Brush Their Teeth

Beam Toothbrush can monitor a user's dental hygiene and display the data via an app.

Home september 7, 2012

Visa’s Tooth Fairy App Helps Parents Decide What To Give For A Lost Tooth

What's the going rate for a baby tooth? Novelty app calculates how much money should go under the pillow.

Innovation july 12, 2012

Antibacterial Toothpaste Will Provide A Guaranteed Cavity-Free Mouth

A lab-created molecule kills off the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

august 22, 2011

Soaring Price Of Gold Creates Selling Frenzy In Japan [Headlines]

Japan is racing to sell everything gold. Line ups are so long, some trading shops have to turn customers away.

Work july 1, 2010

Hormone Gel Regenerates Teeth, Could Eliminate The Need For Fillings

A new substance could make filling cavities obsolete.


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