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Technology november 21, 2016

How Snapchat Is Redefining TV Programming

The social platform will be offering a new form of television starting with a spinoff of "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

Home november 10, 2016

See Inside Your Favorite TV Show Homes developed eight floor plans for fictional living spaces of some of television's most beloved characters

USA november 8, 2016

Track The Coverage Of Presidential Candidates On TV In Real Time

Verso is using facial recognition technology to show which political leaders get the most air time

Mobile november 7, 2016

Tablet Turns Your Kitchen Into A Multimedia Center

Loop is a new streaming device that offers photo sharing, social media and video calling in a sleek tablet design

Gaming & Play july 28, 2016

Play Along To Your Favorite TV Shows With Real-Time Questions

Plot Guru is an app that syncs up with the episode you're watching on Netflix and sends relevant trivia

Syndicated july 22, 2016

Saying Goodbye To The VHS Tape

Last remaining VHS VCR producer will cease manufacturing recorders at the end of this month, bringing the 40-year-long analogue videotape era to an end

[Stat] People are watching TV at 160% speed to fit in all their shows
Retail june 6, 2016

Commitment Rings Won't Let You Watch TV Without Your Partner

A new kind of commitment: No more watching TV shows away from your partner

Syndicated february 1, 2016

Get to Know the Sixth Evolution of Television: Place-Shifting

This year, we'll see TV set free from the television

[Insight] How Netflix manipulates its thumbnail images to increase viewership
Work october 23, 2015

Want to Watch a Film on a Plane? Bring Your Tablet, Say Airlines

A transatlantic service is launching without seatback screens, with content to be streamed directly to passengers’ devices

Technology september 25, 2015

Designing a Television to Complement Rather Than Dominate Decor

Has the time come for home electronics that don't look like electronics? Samsung and Studio Bouroullec think so

Cities june 22, 2015

Game of Thrones' Most Epic Subplot: Its Fashion

The Lannisters, Wildlings and Danaerys (and whomever else might be left over from a killer Season 5 finale) are still influencing the real fashion world

Advertising may 22, 2015

Mad Men Leaves Effect on Men's Suits

Mad Men’s costumes and styling might have changed the way women think about vintage dressing, but for men, it was all about the power suit


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