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Technology november 28, 2016

This Watch Is Powered By Body Heat Alone

The PowerWatch allows the wearer to keep their watch on them at all time, because the power source is their body temperature

Health november 23, 2016

This Smart Bra From MIT Could Improve Women's Health

A sensor-filled wearable provides real-time feedback on a woman's heart

[News] Google’s Nest Thermostat partners with international insurance companies
Home september 7, 2016

Tiny Sensor Tracks The Temperature Changes In Your Home

The peanut-shaped device can also be linked with smart thermostats to automate when heat or air conditioning activates

Mobile november 25, 2014

Tiny Electronic Thermometer for Mobiles Measures the Temperature Wherever You Are

Thermodo can be inserted into the audio port of a smartphone to take a reading of any environment

Arts & Culture september 9, 2013

Large-Scale Honeycomb Breathes In Response To Changing Weather Patterns [Video]

Shifts in wind direction and temperature cause this geometric structure to react.

Innovation july 5, 2013

Heated Patio Furniture Keeps Loungers Warm [Pics]

Helios is a line of colorful and curvy outdoor furniture that can be set to a desired temperature.

Technology may 24, 2013

Stress Detector Gives Personal Readings In 10 Seconds

Scout monitors vital signs, temperature, heart rate and stress, tracking the user’s health over time.

Innovation may 20, 2013

Scientists Control Microscopic Flowers' Shape As They Grow

Scientists are able to manipulate these plants into different configurations and sizes

Innovation january 22, 2013

Ingestible Pill Monitors Firefighter’s Vitals To Ensure Safety

A new capsule is being tested in Australia that tracks stats like body temperature and respiration rate while emergency services workers are on the job.

Sustainability november 8, 2012

Weather Vane Lets Users Feel How Cold It Is

The Cryoscope is a tactile device that conveys how warm it is in different locations on the surface of an aluminum cube.

Work september 27, 2012

Robot Creates Art From Sleeping Patterns Of Paris Hotel Guests During The Night

ibis hotel is offering a new experience that has patrons sleep on a mattress embedded with 80 sensors which transmit data that is transformed into brush strokes while they're asleep.

Retail july 10, 2012

Lemonade Prices At This Vending Machine Change Based On The Temperature

Coca-cola's drink dispensers stocked with Limon&Nada in Spain were equipped with thermometers and the product became cheaper as the weather got hotter.

IoT july 2, 2012

USB Microwave Lets Workers Heat Food At Their Desks [Pics]

‘My Lunchbox’ connects to your computer and warms your food according to the desired time and temperature.


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