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Tiny Electronic Thermometer for Mobiles Measures the Temperature Wherever You Are

Large-Scale Honeycomb Breathes In Response To Changing Weather Patterns [Video]

Heated Patio Furniture Keeps Loungers Warm [Pics]

Stress Detector Gives Personal Readings In 10 Seconds

Scientists Control Microscopic Flowers’ Shape As They Grow

Ingestible Pill Monitors Firefighter’s Vitals To Ensure Safety

Weather Vane Lets Users Feel How Cold It Is

Robot Creates Art From Sleeping Patterns Of Paris Hotel Guests During The Night

Lemonade Prices At This Vending Machine Change Based On The Temperature

USB Microwave Lets Workers Heat Food At Their Desks [Pics]

Moving Geometric Facade Blocks Out Sunlight To Keep Buildings Cool [Pics]

Multi-Sensor Device Can Measure Temperature, Humidity & BAC And Fits On Your Keychain [Video]

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