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Retail september 30, 2016

Reorder This Detox Drink With A Simple Text Message

Dirty Lemon is streamlining its communication by letting customers place orders, ask product questions and request help exclusively through chat

Technology february 28, 2014

Physical Scrolls Create Everlasting Memories From Text Exchanges [Video]

New project gives a second life to mobile messages.

Innovation november 8, 2012

Jacket Can Receive Text Messages For First Responders

Students in Norway have developed a unique jacket to help with communication in emergency situations.

Home june 7, 2012

Smart Jug Can Detect Spoilt Milk & Notify User Via Text

An everyday container gets reinvented with added high-tech features.

Technology may 31, 2012

Turn On The Stove With A Text Message

The AGA retro cooktop gets a high-tech makeover.

Mobile may 10, 2012

Ski Pole Phones Let Users Take Calls And Texts On The Slopes

Now skiers can view messages and chat without taking off their gloves.

Technology april 10, 2012

Make A Cup Of Coffee From Your Bed Just By Texting [Video]

This hack lets you brew a hot beverage straight from your mobile phone.

Innovation february 16, 2012

Text Message Through Your Pocket Without Taking Your Phone Out [Video]

Microsoft's prototype allows you to discretely send messages while your phone is still in your pocket.

Cities february 9, 2012

Rent Or Share A Car Just By Texting

Vehicle sharing program manages the whole process through SMS.

Retail january 30, 2012

Hardware Store Warns Customers Of Bad Weather Via SMS

Ace Hardware notifies consumers of impending storms to help build their brand and customer loyalty.

december 7, 2011

Planet Text: How SMS Messaging Is Changing The World [Headlines]

Infographic of the behavior of the 4.2 billion texters worldwide.

Arts & Culture november 24, 2011

Youths Are Sleep Texting More Often

An increasing trend sees teens sending out text messages while asleep.

Retail september 9, 2011

Car Shop From Your Couch With Text Messaging

Automaker Ford will allow customers to receive promotional information about specific car models on their phones.

Work july 22, 2011 Co-founder Opens His Door Via Text Message [Video]

Billy Chasen built a system that uses SMS to control a door lock.


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