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Department Store Comes Straight From The Future

What’s For Dinner? Depends, What’s Your Blood Type?

Sculptural Pavilion is Crafted from Curved 3D-Printed Blocks

Carica-Chairs Reimagine Pop Culture Icons as Furniture

Office Color Scheme Hopes To Encourage Workers To Take Risks

Robot Tastes Thai Cuisine to Determine Its Ethnic Authenticity

8 Stories You Need To Know Today

New Bike Prototype Purifies The Air As You Pedal

Coca-Cola To Cut Off Suppliers Who Disrespect Land Rights

Phone Charging Station Powers Devices Using Dead Batteries [Video]

Urban Rooftop Farms Produce Edible, Nutritious Algae [Pics]

Special Font Allows The Blind & Fully Sighted To Read Out Loud Together [Video]

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