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Work december 3, 2012

Jeff Jarvis: Why iPad's 'The Daily' News App Failed

Rupert Murdoch's iPad-only venture neglected key lessons of subscription news, and that is why it folded.

Luxury july 23, 2012

Do People Still Care About General Interest News?

Niche publications are on the rise while their all-encompassing counterparts are become increasingly irrelevant -- what does this mean for the evolution of the news cycle?

june 28, 2011

Courtney Love’s Guide To Etsy [Headlines]

The Daily republishes some of Courtney Love's tweets featuring her favorite Etsy finds.

Home february 17, 2011

Ed Cotton: Creative Brief Project- Don't Google Your Way To A Brief

There's no substitute for real time spent with real people learning about human connections to brands and categories.

Technology february 3, 2011

The Daily Aims For A Media Revolution

Rupert Murdoch's iPad application, The Daily, hedges that print newspapers are a relic of the past.

Mobile january 26, 2011

Ongo Offers A Paid Curated News Service

While this type of aggregation can be done quite easily by the average reader, we wonder if this type of service might actually catch on, as media consumers struggle with increasing amounts of information on a daily basis.


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