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Design & Architecture september 12, 2013

Celebrated Novels Transformed Into Evocative Color Schemes [Pics]

Artist Jaz Parkinson’s Color Charts use striped book covers to represent authors’ words invoking color.

Technology august 2, 2013

Great Gatsby Text Transformed Into Famous Jazz Songs [Pics]

The great classic is translated into another artistic medium.

Design & Architecture june 6, 2013

The Logic Behind The Typography For The Great Gatsby [Pics]

Like Minded Studio created the branding and Deco-styled logo for the recent feature film.

Home may 20, 2013

Tube Station Transformed Into Great Gatsby Ballroom

Oxford Circus becomes 360° advertisement for the film.

Arts & Culture may 14, 2013

Limited Edition Great Gatsby Record Made From Precious Metals

Third Man Records is releasing a $250 vinyl set for The Great Gatsby’s movie soundtrack that has been assembled by hand.

Work may 2, 2013

Harrod’s Creates A Gatsby-Inspired Popup Cocktail Bar

The roaring 20s comes to life at the London department store.

Design & Architecture may 1, 2013

Designer Reveals Gatsby Inspired Swimwear

Adriana Degreas creates a Spring/Summer 2014 collection of bathing suits and gowns inspired by 1920's fashion.

Retail april 17, 2013

Brooks Brothers Launches Great Gatsby Collection [Pics]

After producing the men's costumes for the film with designer Catherine Martin, the fashion retailer has adapted them for an exclusive line.


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