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Sustainability december 6, 2013

Paper Cutout Faces Reconnect City-Dwellers To The Nature Around Them [Pics]

A Dutch design studio wants to bring a smile to people's faces with the help of nature.

Work november 8, 2013

Inside-Out Tower Hosts Its Closets On Its Exterior [Pics]

Outer storage compartments along Dutch building allow for a more spacious interior.

Home october 24, 2013

Glowing Crystals Create Interactive Flickering Light Fields

A Dutch design studio has created thousands of flickering crystal tokens that can be rearranged endlessly and prompt participants to think about light outside of the bulb.

Advertising may 9, 2013

How To Create Modern Branding For The Monarchy

Inauguration of a new Dutch King is commemorated with new insignia attuned to the marketing age.

Arts & Culture december 14, 2012

Double Strand Bridge Streamlines Bikes And People

Dutch pedestrian-bicycle crossing provides two crossings, offering less congestion and an immaculate view.

Luxury november 19, 2012

Wallpaper's Best Business Hotels Of 2012 [Pics]

The magazine ranks its favorite working and living spaces-- but what makes the winners shine?

IoT october 5, 2012

Impressive Book Mountain Reinvents Library Design

MVRDV have designed an incredible building in the Netherlands where texts are encased in a glass pyramid.

Work march 22, 2012

Dutch Cafe Doubles As Community Repair Shop

A number of these places are appearing across The Netherlands, with volunteers who help mend broken appliances, electronics and other objects.

Design & Architecture february 9, 2012

Glow-In-The-Dark Carpet Lights Up Outdoor Spaces [Pics]

We Make Carpets take their interior design to an exterior space for the Glow Festival in the Netherlands.

Retail december 15, 2011

Dutch Retailer Selects Androgynous Male Model To Demonstrate The Success Of Their Push-up Bra [Pics]

HEMA's new lingerie ad campaign features Andrej Pejic with an impressive cleavage.

Cities july 11, 2011

Don't Take The Stairs, Take The Slide

A new outdoor installation gives commuters a little jolt of happiness in the often gloomy morning ride by putting park slides on train platforms.

Home february 2, 2011

House Built From Google Earth-Salvaged Materials [Pics]

An incredibly beautiful modern home was built almost entirely from materials left for waste within a nine-mile radius of the construction site.

Technology september 17, 2010

(Video) The Gentrification Video Game

A new media art project explores cultural tensions in Amsterdam as part of Mediamatic's Noord exhibition.


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