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Augmented & Virtual Reality september 12, 2016

The World's First Virtual Reality Ballet Is Free To Watch

The Dutch National Opera & Ballet has created Night Fall, new VR entertainment that can be enjoyed all around the world

Mobile july 28, 2016

Broadway Play Encourages Phone Use During The Performance

The performance asks the audience to be a part of the show and the larger conversation of technology and privacy by participating with their devices

Entertainment july 12, 2016

Build An IMAX Theater In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

The entertainment company is offering a new luxury home business line that gives viewers access to the technology for $400,000

Work march 18, 2016

Should Film Fans Get to Pick Theater Movies?

Crowdsourced screenings could help cinemas monetize by filling empty seats

Retail february 23, 2016

Samsung Has Us Wondering Whether Retail Can Be the New Cultural Experience

Samsung flagship immerses customers in art, design and tech while showcasing new products

Technology november 12, 2014

Onboard IMAX Theater Experience Created for Superyacht Cinema

Yacht Intelligence has worked with industry pioneers to create a concept for the world’s first IMAX Private Theater on a superyacht

Arts & Culture august 18, 2014

Opening Ceremony, Spike Jonze Using NYFW as Theater Platform

One-act play set to showcase fashion brand's latest styles

Cities july 30, 2014

New York Bars Hosting Theatrical Shows in Which Actors Mingle with Patrons

With the success of 'Sleep No More,' several other interactive productions have popped up around New York City

Work april 29, 2014

Experimental Play Staged For A Sleeping Audience

The production encourages audience members to slip in and out of consciousness during the performance.

Cities november 4, 2013

Sweaty Bathhouse Serves As The Stage For Theater Revival

New York bathhouse acts as location for Amari Baraka’s play, where the audience has to disrobe and sweat alongside the actors.

Mobile october 21, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Arizona uses desert power as Dyson tries to make a silent hairdryer.

Technology june 20, 2013

Google Updates Shakespeare Play With Social Media Posts [Video]

New theater format would allow viewers to get involved in performances via online networks.

Design & Architecture may 15, 2013

Butterfly Wing Theater Roof Harvests Rainwater & Changes Color [Pics]

A stunning theater built by Finland’s PES-Architects has eight huge steel structures stretching out from the roof 50 meters off the ground.

Technology may 12, 2013

Temporary Playhouse Designed As Portable Pop-Up Kit [My Ideal City]

Theater On The Fly is a temporary, multi-purpose space that is easily configured to host a variety of performances.


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